Kaunghmudaw Pagoda (Sagaing)

Situated at about 6 miles north of Sagaing, it is also known as YazamaniSule pagoda. It was built by King Tharlun in 1636. It is about 152 feet high and surrounded by 502 stone pillars. On the walls are murals and drawings depicting the birth of Buddha captioned in Myanmar, Mon and Shan characters. Kaunghmudaw Pagoda stone inscription was written after construction of the pagoda.

Soon-U Ponnyashin Pagoda

This most noted pagoda on the Sagaing hills was built by and named after a palace official, Lord Ponnya, in the year 1286AD. The Pagoda hill stands like a tower on the highest point of the range, commanding a panoramic view of Sagaingnearby , then Mandalay, Amarapura , Innwa and the Shan Hills on the east of the Ayeyawady , and the Mu valley on the west.

This Pagoda built by King Tazee Shin Thinhathu who founded the royal Capital of Pinya(Vijayapura) in M.E647 and Lord Ponnya who was then a subordinate of KiingAthikhayaSawyun who founded the Royal Capital of Sagaing.The pagoda was named after Lord Ponnya and King Tazee Shin as Ponnya Shin Pagoda.